Asset Identification & Inspection

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Asset & Inspection Tagging

We have many different product types which can be used to audit and track all manner of different kinds of assets, as well as aid in auditing dates of inspection for safety-critical equipment. Our identification ties can be printed with detailed and customised information to suit your requirements.

Keyholding - Property and Car Key Tags

Our plastic and metal combination padlock security seals are ideal for securely identifying and tracking keys of many kinds. In particular, our padlock seals are in use as car key tags across many UK car dealerships. We are able to produce with many different print options, including with white faces for hand-written identification information. Further information available here.


Please note that our UK Sales office is on an annual shutdown between 10th-24th July, during which limited sales processing will be available. This does not affect orders already in production. Please email orders or enquiries to [email protected] and we will revert as soon as possible.