Universeal Flexigrip car seals for lockout of valves are strong, single-use security devices which effectively lock safety valves in place. Car seals perform well as single-use lockout devices to seal a valve in the open or closed position, typically for long durations - for example, to permanently secure a sprinkler system valve. We hold a variety of 2.5mm, 3.25mm and 5mm diameter car seals in UK stocks, with long cable lengths for lockout of valves in large-scale operatus. We also supply more lightweight, indicative plastic security seals for locking valves in position.

The use of car seals to properly secure safety valves assists in ensuring your company meets their responsibilities under national occupational safety legislation, such as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER Regs). View our guide to car seals for valve lockout for more info.

FL250M x 600mm Car Seal

Flexible 60cm car seal for valve lockout

FL325M x 1 metre Car Seal (Green)

Green 'open' car seal with 1m length cable for valve lockout

FL325M x 1 metre Car Seal (Red)

Red 'closed' car seal with 1m length cable for valve lockout

Plastic Flexigrip 500S Seals

Heavy-duty plastic cable seal with 5mm diameter cable

UNI414 Security Seals

Pull-thru metal-insert seal with 2mm tail


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