We supply a wide variety of tape and labels. Choose from plain or printed tapes, security or non-security tapes, and branded or unbranded packaging tape for high-quality, safe and inexpensive storage and logistics.

Custom-Printed Vinyl Packaging Tape

Customised adhesive packaging tapes available in 12-150mm widths

Plain UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Plain Packaging Security tape with residue transfer

UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Tamper-evident security tape with residue transfer and markings

UniLabel - Residue Security Labels

Tamper-evident void security label with residue transfer

UniLabel - Easy-Break, No Residue Security Labels

No-residue void security label, with easy-break security scores

UniLabel - No Residue Security Labels

Tamper-evident void security label without residue transfer


Please note that our UK Sales office is on an annual shutdown between 10th-24th July, during which limited sales processing will be available. This does not affect orders already in production. Please email orders or enquiries to [email protected] and we will revert as soon as possible.