High-Security Container Barrier Seals

Fleet & Trailer Security Seals

About Universeal UK LTD

Universeal UK Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of a full range of anti-tamper / tamper-evident security seals including: High Security Barrier Seals (Bolt and Cable Seals), Indicative Plastic Pull-through Security Seals, Anti-tamper Security Labels, Stickers and Tape, Metal Strip Seals, Meter / Wire Seals, Inspection Tags, Cable Ties and Printed Cable Ties / Printed Clinical Waste Bag Ties.

Universeal UK Ltd. is part of the worldwide Universeal Group of Companies. We combine to offer a comprehensive, competitive and innovative range of security seals and services for all sectors of industry and commerce.

Please note - Care should be taken when applying and removing all seals. Appropriate tools should be used (tin snips, bolt cutters, wire cutters). Gloves and eye protection should be worn.


Please note that our UK Sales office is on an annual shutdown between 10th-24th July, during which limited sales processing will be available. This does not affect orders already in production. Please email orders or enquiries to [email protected] and we will revert as soon as possible.