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General Transportation Security Seals

Our indicative plastic seals and heavy-duty metal seals provide serious security for cargo movements, including for use on lorries, cargo crates, intermodal containers. We can customise our seals with bespoke print, numbering, bar-coding and much more.

Metal-detectable Ties and Metal Strip Seals

Metal-detectable cables ties are manufactured with the inclusion of a metallic additive, dispersed evenly throughout the product, enabling metal detection of even small parts of cable ties. This ensures that product can be scanned to check for plastic parts which may have inadvertently found their way into the manufacturing process.


Please note that our UK Sales office is on an annual shutdown between 10th-24th July, during which limited sales processing will be available. This does not affect orders already in production. Please email orders or enquiries to [email protected] and we will revert as soon as possible.