Plastic Fixed Length Seals

Our range of plastic fixed-length security seals or ring seals are ideal for a range of transport operations - including road, rail and many other applications spanning across industry. Our ring seals are designed to be easily applied and removed without the need for tools - most fixed length seals are designed to break by hand with a sharp tug. We supply many of our ring seals from stock, numbered in a range of colours. We can also customise products with a quick delivery time.

Unifreight Ring Security Seals

Multipurpose truck and trailer seal

DoubleLock Ring Seals

Enhanced security with twin-lock mechanism & protruding tail

Fleetlock Ring Security Seal

Trailer seal with paddle end

UNI560-Short Ring Seals

Short Trailer seal with paddle end

UNI560-Long Ring Seals

Long Trailer seal with paddle end


Combined plastic / metal strip seal with high quality print flag

SK1 Plug Seals

Tamper-evident plug seals for many kinds of tote boxes

Paired SK2 Plug Seals

Paired, duplicated plug seals for tote boxes