Security Packaging

Security Envelopes, Bags & Pouches

Our security envelopes, pouches and bags are available in both single-use and re-useable variations. Our single-use bags are manufactured in polythene, with Platinum tamper-evident adhesive seal. They are available in custom sizes and with bespoke printing to your requirements.

Our re-usable tamper-evident and secure mail bags and mail pouches are manufactured in durable PVC and incorporate a number of tamper-evident features to ensure the secure transportation of high-value or confidential contents. The use of tamper-evident seals to lock the zip of the mail pouch ensures the integrity of the contents upon their arrival as well acting as a deterrent to unauthorised access during transit. We are also able to customise with your organisation logo or other information.


Packaging Tape and Labels

We supply a wide variety of tape and labels. Choose from plain or printed tapes, security or non-security tapes, and branded or unbranded packaging tape for high-quality, safe and inexpensive storage and logistics.

Secure Logistics

Our transport and packaging products are designed to ensure the safe and secure transport of your goods and business assets; suitable for applications ranging from pallet shipments, tote boxes, TIR cords, clothing transport and cargo protection. 

Tote Boxes & Plug Seals

Our security tote boxes and plug seals are the perfect solution for the secure storage and transport of many kinds of bulk items, inventory and documents for archive. Our tote boxes are available in the following sizes: 28ltr, 43lt, 55ltr and 80ltr.