Security Tape & Security Labels

We offer a range of security labels and security tape, manufactured to prevent unauthorised users from removing or tampering with the sealed item without the knowledge of the user. They can be used for many different types of surface application for identification and tamper-evidence. Different types of security labels are available:-

  • Residue: leaves a VOID print residue upon the surface being sealed as well as defacing the security label itself;
  • Non-Residue: causes delamination of the security label itself only, leaving the surface being sealed unmarked;
  • Destructible: any attempt to remove the security label will cause cracking and erosion, making tamper attempts obvious.

As well as our standard stock items, which are available quickly and in standard sizes / markings, we are also able to offer completely bespoke security labels, produced to your size, specification, marking etc. 

Our security tape is available in residue and non-residue options, with and without security marking, as well as optional security numbering and perforations every 15cm, for high degree of tamper-evidence. We can also offer fully customised security tape, printed with your company logo, marking, or other required information. 

UniLabel - Residue Security Labels

Tamper-evident void security label with residue transfer

UniLabel - No Residue Security Labels

Tamper-evident void security label without residue transfer

UniLabel - Easy-Break, No Residue Security Labels

No-residue void security label, with easy-break security scores

Unilabel - Vinyl Destructible Security Labels

Customised, fragmentable / destructible security labels

Tamper Void Bespoke Security Labels

Customised security labels, with or without residue

UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Tamper-evident security tape with residue transfer and markings

Plain UniTape - Residue Security Tape

Plain Packaging Security tape with residue transfer